About Pablo Alonso

My name is Pablo Alonso Rodríguez. Born in Cantabria in ’84, I started climbing at the age of 16. Somewhat late in life, as it is never too early to start. Even so, I was immediately caught by the indescribable sensations it provokes.

Certainly addictive, climbing forces us to surpass ourselves again and again, to push our limits. Over time I realized that, in addition to practicing it, I felt an enormous satisfaction sharing and teaching others my passion and knowledge, seeing how they joined the great hobby of my life. That is how I began to train as a mountain guide.

To this day, I still enjoy, as always, the simple fact of observing the expression of my clients when they reach the top of any climb, where all emotions emerge. That contagious joy that is palpable in the atmosphere and makes you want to repeat again and again.

After a long time of hard work, saving, physical and technical preparation, and eight years of experience working as a guide in Liébana, I have managed to create my own adventure company,LIÉBANA AVENTURA.

So, I hope and wish to be able to dedicate my life to fulfill the dreams of all those who want to make a climb with a mountain guide, for whatever reason, and show you that the limits are only in our minds.

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