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Yoga in Picos de Europa

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If you climb, practicing yoga can be a great way to relax your mind and stretch your muscles.

Some time ago we realized that a good warm-up based on stretching the muscles helps a lot against injuries and also scales better.

However, whether it is due to lack of time or eagerness to start climbing, it is difficult to start a routine where stretching is introduced. That’s why yoga is perfect, especially in the morning. All you need is a mat and a little willpower.

We all know the influence of the state of mind you are in when climbing. The wonderful thing about yoga is that it also helps you in this sense by relaxing your mind, as one concentrates exclusively on the sensations of the moment and on executing the stretches and postures correctly. (Same as in climbing)

Below is a video of a perfect example that we can practice every morning. With our partner Juan from “La Perezosa”, a rest house in Liébana where you can practice slow living and relax body and mind.

If you liked the video and you would also like to spend a different vacation combining climbing activities with relaxation and yoga in a privileged enclave such as Picos de Europa, please contact us and we will arrange your stay.