En este momento estás viendo Climbing Leader Picos de Europa – Local & Certified Mountain leader
Escalada con guía en Picos de Europa

Climbing Leader Picos de Europa – Local & Certified Mountain leader

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Climbing Leader in Picos Europa, Spain

Guiding service in the Cantabrian Mountains.

PABLO ALONSO RODRÍGUEZ , Climbing leader in Picos de Europa . ¿WHO I AM?

My name is Pablo Alonso Rodríguez. Born in Cantabria (Picos de Europa, Spain) in ’84, I started in the world of climbing at 16. Somewhat late age, since it is never too early to start. Even so, I was immediately caught by the indescribable sensations it causes to you.

Certainly addictive, climbing forces us to overcome ourselves again and again, to exceed our limits. Over time I realized that, in addition to depractifying it, I felt enormous satisfaction sharing and teaching others my passion and my knowledge, seeing how they joined the great hobby of my life. Thus I began to train as a climbing leader in Picos de Europa.​

Today, I continue to enjoy as always, with the simple fact of observing the expression of my clients when they reach the top of any ascension, where all emotions emerge. That contagious joy that is felt in the environment and that makes you want to repeat again and again.

Discover the Picos de Europa mountain range

The Picos de Europa is a mountainous unit located in the Cantabrian Mountains. They are divided into three massifs: Oriental / Ándara, Central / Urrieles and Occidental / Cornión. The highest height is Torrecerredo peak, with 2,650 meters high.


The Picos de Europa and its characteristic abrassive limestone rock formed in the upper Paleozoic approximately 300 million years ago. The sea receded and these sedimentary basins formed. The classic climbs began in 1904 with the first ascent to Picu Urriellu.

Mediterranean microclimate hidden in the atlantic Cantabria, the Green Spain

The peaks of Picos de Europa act as a barrier and protect the  Liébana Valley from storms. When these fronts come from the South, they get trapped behind the Peaks and the Valley remains clear. Proof of this is the cultivation of vines, holm oaks and other vegetables more typical of the Mediterranean climate than of the Atlantic. Before discarding your trip in bad weather, try to make sure of it, you will be surprised how many times they indicate rain and it is completely clear.

climbing leader picos europa
climbing leader picos europa
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All the tariffs on this website include: VAT, AEGM Guide titled in climbing and cannyoning, (see here my certifications) RC and Accident Insurance, technical material to do the activity and photo album.

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