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Rock Climbing Guide in Spain

Hello! My name is Pablo Alonso and I am an autonomous rock climbing guide in Spain since 9 years. My base is in Cantabria (Northern Spain, “The green Spain”), specifically in The Picos de Europa National Park.

If you want to taste the amazing limestone of the Picos de Europa contact me by phone (+34 657 11 11 94) or mail ( and we will find the perfect climb for you, according with your level and preferences. 

ⓘ There exist guided climbs for people who have never climbed

ⓘ The most emblematic ascension is the Naranjo de Bulnes, more known by locals as “Picu Urriellu”, a peculiar monolith that emerges 500 meters up from the ground, whose summit reach the 2519 meters of height (available climbs here)

ⓘ Every activity of my website include titled guide (me), all the gear to do the activity, Civil Responsability and Accidents insurance, IVA (Spain tax) and photographies. 

How do I book a climb?

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