Climbing to Torre de la Palanca with guide (2614mts).

Technical ascent with guide in Picos de Europa – Central Massif

The summit of La Palanca is located in the central massif of the Picos de Europa, specifically in the south-western sector of the massif.

With an altitude of 2614 metres, it is an imposing summit with spectacular views over Hoyo Tras Llambrión, its neighbouring and spectacular Torre del Friero visible at all times in front, the whole valley of Valdeón and Cordiñanes at our feet almost 2000 metres below with the deep Valcosín channel, in short, a 360º panoramic view that will not leave us indifferent.

The approach from the Collado Jermoso Shelter passing under the imposing Torre de Peñalba, the Diego Mella and Delgado Úbeda Needles, and over the Hoyo del Llambrión make this activity a real pleasure for those who want to experience a technical ascent of one of the most significant peaks in the Picos de Europa using a rope, harness and helmet.

Technical difficulty
Physical difficulty
1 o 2 DAYS
  • Approach: It takes about 2 hours to reach the summit from the Collado Jermoso shelter, another 2 hours for the descent and another 2 hours to get to Fuente De.
  • Climbing length: Approximately 40 metres of easy climbing
  • Dificulty:IIIº Maximum
  • Duration of the entire activity: 2 days in combination with trekking to the refuge.
    • Day 1: 6 hours.
    • Day 2: 8 hours.
  • Descent: On foot on short rope with a few easy climbs on the way down from the summit and then walking for the return.

To do this activity it is necessary to be in good physical condition, as well as to be used to doing high mountain routes lasting 8 hours and 1000 metres of positive difference in altitude.

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, this information may vary in number and type of clothing and footwear. (The guide will inform upon reservation)

  • Long sleeve thermal T-shirt.
  • Short sleeve thermal T-shirt. (× days of activity)
  • Technical elastic long trousers for mountaineering.
  • Shorts.
  • Spare change of underwear (x days of activity)
  • Fleece, soft sell or primaloft type jacket.
  • Goretex type jacket.
  • Lightweight hiking boots or trekking shoes (technical).
  • High protection sun cream.
  • Approved sunglasses.
  • Sun hat.
  • Cap.
  • Medium or light gloves.
  • Backpack 40L minimum.
  • Water bottle 1.5L minimum.
  • Food: energy bars, dried fruit, sandwiches, etc...
  • Trekking pole.
  • Headlamp with batteries (important).
  • Replacement batteries for headlamp.
  • Lightweight sleeping bag for shelters.
  • Mat (if sleeping in a tent or bivouac).
  • Small toiletries: toothbrush, towel, personal medication etc...)
  • Mobile phone with battery.
  • Mobile phone charger.
  • Cash for shelter or cable car expenses (approx. €150).
  • Membership card if you have one.
  • Personal and essential medicines.
  • Spare underwear.
  • Earplugs for sleeping inside the shelter.

The meeting point and time will be communicated by the guide when booking the activity.

It should be noted that this activity can be done in one or two days in several different ways due to its location and depending on our preferences and physical capabilities, plus an extra summit can be added for the first day, "Consult with the guide"..

Doing the activity in 2 days will take place as follows:

Day 1:

Starting from the upper station of the Fuente De cable car, we will walk towards the San Luis canal along the comfortable meadow with hardly any gradient. Once in the canal we will start to climb, passing under the great walls of the Torre de Altaiz and San Carlos, enjoying a splendid view to the east where we can see the great wall of Peña olvidada, the needles of Taja hierro and the lakes of Lloroza at our feet.

We will leave the channel to continue ascending by beautiful climbs until we reach the Colladina de Las Nieves under the summit of La Padiorna, from this point we will have a beautiful panoramic view to the south and west with the tower of Salinas and its spectacular north face, the beautiful Vega de Liordes at our feet and part of the Colladinas path that will take us to the Collado Jermoso refuge. (About 2 hours from the Fuente De cable car to this point).

Once at this point, we can take the summit of La Padiorna with us as a tip, as from the pass it is a comfortable 15-minute walk to reach the summit, which offers even better views than from the Colladina de Las Nieves.

We will start to descend from Colladina de Las Nieves along a beautiful and chaotic path over limestone slabs and holes until we reach the path of the normal access route to the Collado Jermoso refuge. Once there, we will only have to continue ascending along this beautiful and spectacular path until we reach Collado Jermoso where we can have a good shower and recover our strength with an exquisite dinner.

Day 2:

Normally breakfast will be at around 5:30 AM, depending on the time of year and weather conditions this timetable may vary.

After breakfast we will head towards the crossroads of the path which is about 10 minutes from the shelter and which goes towards La Palanca. Once there, and after climbing for about 15 minutes, we will equip ourselves with harness, helmet and rope to tackle the easy isolated climbs that follow one after the other.

Once under the Torre Delgado Úbeda we have the most difficult climb of the whole route, which is only about 3 metres of maximum difficulty IIIº, after overcoming this step we will simply walk with some easy and isolated climbs until we reach the summit.

Once at the summit we will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of the entire massif, take photographs and have something to eat. (2 to 3 hours to the summit from the refuge).

The descent will be made by the same route as the ascent and we will return to the shelter to collect our personal belongings and say goodbye. (About 2 hours from summit)

We will take the way back through the Colladinas until we reach the crossroads of the previous day where the path towards the Padiorna or towards the Vega de Liordes divides. We will take the latter to cross the beautiful Vega de Liordes and descend through the spectacular Tornos de Liordes until we reach the car park of Fuente Dé. (To this point about 3 hours from the Collado Jermoso shelter).

The guide, once the reservation has been made, will inform the participant of the meeting time and place, which will depend on the timetable of the Fuente De cable car and the time of the year.

Prices for 1 day.

1 person 300€ / 2 people 200€ per person.

Prices for 2 days.

1 person 600 € / 2 people 400 € per person

Pablo Alonso – Climbing Guide in Picos de Europa
+34 657 111 194

Potes, Liébana Valley. Cantabria

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