The Picu Urriellu (Naranjo de Bulnes) is the most known monolith of limestone in this massif, but not the only one.

Located in the Northern Spain, the massif of Picos de Europa is still a limestone gem unknown by many.

Locals have been discovering and enjoying these full of history summits for years. Picos de Europa is not only interesting from the point of view of climbing, but also from a geological point of view. These rocks emerged from the Cantabrian seas. This rocky treasure full of life is open to everyone who wants to discover it.

As mountaineers that we are, please, remember to respect the place, leave the mountains as you found it so we can enjoy it forever: Do not pick flowers or minerals, carry the rubbish with you and do not disturb or feed any animal. Thank you!

Pablo Alonso Rodriguez © 2019

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